What will you do if you suddenly chance upon an investor, you have been earning to meet for so long, in a conference or sitting next to you in an aircraft?  You will introduce yourself or the business as per your existing pitch deck. Will it be fair to have a discussion with the investor without a professional pitch? You need to prepare in detail to develop an instant connect with the merchant of your dream.

What do you prioritize – the story of your business or the business itself?  What information, research or design will clinch the deal for you? A winning pitch deck revamp involves articulating an array of strategic interventions for a successful fundraising round, articulating your vision with research driven business case in an attractive design.

A true pitch deck will always have a three-layered foundation of story, researched content, and design. Your business will rise above the ordinary then, resting on five pillars for a momentous fundraising event. The five pillars are:

1. Powerful narrative

2. Elevator pitch presentation

3. Visualize the context

4. Always on purpose – securing funds

5. Authentic design

Compelling investors to ponder over how the proposed solution is the need of the hour and deserves the funds indeed.

Always remember that to win over your potential investors you need to harness the power of your potential by developing the three foundations your business needs.  

Story/Content - An impactful pitch deck story is like a good plot, introducing critical elements, setting up the stage for action, building up excitement in an immersive manner for the investors to focus on those things only which serve the purpose. Ensure emphasis and adequate time to each aspect of the story delivery rather than just the solution, to enhance its value.

Market Research - Life is full of opportunities and business is all about making it real. Market research helps a startup or an investor to visualize those opportunities and to capitalize its value. It brings life to the data and the content, communicating business insights and raising business owners’ confidence to influence investors. Market research-based content has the power to show rather than tell an investor why the business offering is a right fit for their investment portfolio.

Design - A powerful story and professionally researched content are incomplete without a visually appealing design, as form and content are integral to effective decision making. The overall design influences the investors to think and feel about the value of the offer. A polished yet consistent design creates a first impression and develops a bond with the investors, setting up the expectations to succeed with revamped pitch deck as the best version of your business.

Just like to shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are, a formidable, revamped pitch deck must bring the following elements coming on top of the minds of the investors laid on a firm foundation and supporting 5 pillars.

1. A clear business focus/ plan

2. Effectively present the problem, the solution, and the technique

3. Present value on offer for its users and partners

4. Prove that your business idea is doable

5. Engaging Infographics

Bring life to your pitch deck, unclog your business growth journey, and make your time count.