Infographics are visual representation of information, complex data, longer text and management insights in a way, investors understand best. PowerPoint Infographic are an absolute necessity in a pitch deck, for effectively communicating market trends and matter of substance quickly. The primary benefits of using infographics in a fundraising presentation are to seek attention and keep investors engaged in the business.

Infographics provide a comprehensive overview of the business and provide credibility to the narrative by acting as visual proof of the idea which every wise investor would definitely seek. A picture is worth a thousand words and visuals make complex insights easier to grasp. The visually striking PowerPoint Infographic demystify the vision and break the monotony of reading too long text or tedious facts.

  • Image speaks louder than words – Human brain process 90% of the information as visuals and images are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Interestingly, 65% of human population are visual learners. So, make it a point to use images for conveying your point to the investors. Infographic empowers startup owners to show their story rather than tell it creating a vital link between your pitch deck and an informed decision by the investors.
  • Capture mind space – Investors are professionally qualified and are known to process business statistics and case facts in quick time. Your pitch deck must not have monotonous slides to skip attention of and information overload which investors cannot hold. A stunning design, presented in a simple manner, is enough to capture investors mind space.
  • Stand out in the crowd – To stand out in this hyper competitive world of fundraising, use Icons wisely. Icons builds up the character or essence of the business idea and convey information in a universal language. Icons indicates international appeal of your idea and enhances the readability with crisp content and make your idea stand out.
  • Structure your thoughts – Different colored sections, underlying theme of the presentation, customized background and integrating market research with delightful insights are all possible with the intelligent use of infographics. Investors are always looking for cohesive pitch deck, a little doubt in their mind can prove costly. Make appropriate use of infographics to structure presentation for clearing the hurdle and to a positive resolution by the investors.
  • Build more traction – PowerPoint Infographic builds up the traction for your narrative, by strategically designing sales and revenue graphs or Intellectual Property Rights to visibly convince investors that business is worth investing in. The extent your business idea gain popularity or acceptance from investors, depends on infographics or clickable links for inbound connections or hits on your brand website. Infographics make your pitch deck more shareable and induce the audience to reach out to your brand. So, plan your pitch deck to be more interactive and gain more brand power and funds too.

The target audience for a pitch deck crave for novelty, so make your narrative more interesting, concepts more memorable, business highly focused and idea relatable with Infographics as a key design element to demonstrate a visible representation and achievability of your vision.

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Critical Elements of Infographics are:

1. Compelling Data – As data is integral to how an investor understand and be willing to work with you, a compelling pitch deck is essentially a data-based Infographics for giving it a crisp, well researched and credible narrative.

2. Rich Graphics – Memorable visuals captures short attention spans and create instant connections of your quality idea and content with investors, by using colors and rich graphics in a good design.

3. Shareable Story – A great narrative create imagery in the mind, and Infographics unfold a story by building up excitement and capturing the imagination. Image graphics guarantees recall, make a story shareable and growth oriented.

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