For raising funds all you need is a compelling pitch deck. The journey to a perfect pitch deck revolves around understanding what an investor really needs and building an impactful story to astonish your investors. We will take you through the nuances for a successful fund-raising event.

The synopsis

"You never get a second chance to make a good first impression" - Will Rogers

Your pitch deck for investors is a gateway to your success. Your first slide, your first words, your first visual are all going to play a vital role in creating an impression and influence investors mind. So, your synopsis shall be an elevator pitch and shall evoke immediate attention and help in sustaining the interest of the investors for the whole presentation. First impression counts and investors are no exception. Use our investors pitch deck, in order to raise expectations and funds of the investors.

The Vision

What turns an idea to a great business? It must have a vision to solve a real problem, it must have a workable story, above all it must be measurable. A strong idea or a vision always connect well other ideas and is syntonic to the audience. For your idea to be successful, always support with statistics and analysis that can help the investor comprehend your business.

The Target Market

A successful business always serves the society. An effective pitch deck always emphasizes the societal benefits of your idea to the potential investors. The buildup of your story must convince the investors that your idea has a target market and there is a considerable value on offer. This needs a solid foundation of market research, competitive analysis, and total addressable market (TAM).

The Business Model

Your business model is an outline of your idea and explains how your startup is going to create, deliver, and capture value. Investors are curious to know how their investment can be of beneficial use and generate profitable returns. An appropriate business model evaluates choices to make and elaborate intended consequences for the startup and investors. This is the essence of any right investment decision.

The Market Strategy

Your success depends on the market strategy you adopt. Your pitch deck format must spell out a clear go-to-market plan for investors to comprehend. Investors give an ardent attention to the startups value proposition, brand messaging and how it converts its prospective customers from the target market.

An accomplished marketing strategy is the one which ensure the possibility of a successful business venture and how investors stand to benefit/ profit from it.

The Application’s Functionality

In this technology oriented business environment of today, Investors exhibit a keen interest in gaining knowledge about your business application/ app and how it is unique from the competition. As mobile applications offer an advantage in terms of generating repeat business and enhance referral rates apart from being a brand enhancer.

You can make pitch deck gripping by listing your App’s features or providing a video demonstration to the investors. Thereby, giving a clearer understanding of what your app can do and how it can be a game changer.

The Total Cost of Everything

Investors always weigh the value on offer first and then figure out what amount of money is the right investment for your business or App for appropriate returns. Pitch deck must specify the total cost of app development, promotion expenses, how you are going to recuperate these costs and earn money.

Investors shall be able to visualize the benefits of your App and the project’s financial viability for them to have a favorable view of your investment needs. Nicely outline the factors that affect the App development cost and rich features which can bring value to the business.

A Strong Call to Action

While concluding your pitch deck, a compelling call to action should entice investors for an affirmative decision you need. Provide all the relevant information like your contact details, links to your website or social media accounts, for completing that action.

This will involve your investors in the project and encourage them to seek more information about its progress.

Mind-blowing Content

The design of pitch deck help investors gets an understanding of the company in a crisp yet engaging manner. We keep a fine eye to craft the design of the pitch deck and communicate your idea as an elevator pitch. A professional and eye-catching pitch deck design sets up the expectations of investors and create an impression.

The success of your business depends on the quality of your pitch deck, so keep the content simple yet focused on engaging the investors’ mind and enhance your chances to raise funds. Your pitch deck must be flawless and leave no choice for the investors to miss on this excellent opportunity.