For a startup, the power of your idea is supreme. The company’s vision singlehandedly drives every aspect of your business, making pockets of excellence with valuable data and learnings stored within a small yet dynamic team. Enthusiastic people spend lot of time solving others problem and generate data while bringing a startup to life. Though you know it best, investors need to comprehend it as well.

An impactful storyline is an interactive art to build your compelling narrative, based on analyzing your data. Creating your story to draw the imagination of investors and influence their decision. Not just words and actions but complicated information needs a simplified presentation to engage investors and help them take decisions confidently.  

These four storytelling techniques provide a human touch to your data, build credibility and offer easily identifiable value to your audience, who matters the most.


Every human transaction like clicking online link, ordering food becomes a data for an organization to take effective decision. A positive decision happens, only if the purpose of the decision is well and truly enshrined across the storyline. This is only possible when we analyze all the relevant information and clearly articulate the principles of judging business options that guide the decision. A powerful story will carefully brainstorm and explore options backed up by market research and business analysis. An effective story will ensure that in the end, business critical insights are the corner stone of the final decision. As investors invest in a strong business narrative spelling out how the startup is shaping its vision. Our storytelling skill bring life to your data and present a research-driven impactful business case that resonates with the investors, for your startup to grow.

Real life based –

PE/ VCs always seek funding opportunities which are addressing a real life problem and cause a significant uptick in the way people lead their life. The business case needs to revolve around a fact based scenario with an inspiring story to bring alive a solution for people, which investors can see coming through. This skill ensures the narration of the startups vision, customer problems and offered solutions, in a bona fide and persuasive manner. As great storytelling is what separates top startups from mediocre. We assess the worth of your story through an ‘Investor mandate framework’ for a real-world business deck. As the aim of any business is to solve problem of the people, in a profitable way.

Tim(e)ing is of essence –

For startups, money is an enabler to generate wealth for the business and stakeholders. However, the custodian of funds, understand that when money is in able hands, it stays and multiply. Founders know and focus on when the time of their idea has come. Addressing a life situation with data analysis, can suggest the time also when their startup need funds to act and grow. Time is of immense value to the investors too, for taking a crucial judgement in a short span. The timing of your story’s climax i.e., the decision point is vital for the fundraising consultants. A winning story shall always be right on the money and shall enthrall investors with a frame by frame positive mental imagery leaving no room for confusion. Timing is of essence when it comes to effective storytelling.

Transparent and Learnings based –

The last but not the least principal element of fundraising advisory is to ensure that transparency is in-built throughout the storytelling. Investors seek clear options to invest in business offerings that solve core challenges in any industry but always pay a premium for trust based relationships. Any hint of ambiguity, regulatory non-compliance or willful misrepresentation of business case facts is a strict No Go. The transparency in thoughts and action shall prevail over in business analysis, data interpretation, objectivity in solving customers problem and mutual respect of time, for a meaningful consideration.

Learned investors know there is no room for any mistake to ensure safety of their investment. They vie for learnings gathered on the startups business journey, not just the business case for immediate needs. A convincing story is all about learnings incorporated as no one can rise in life without it. Raising capital is no different.

A story woven around a sound business logic is what compels investors to take a serious note of your business needs and motivate a positive action. Fundraising advisory helps early, or growth stage startups raise funds by using these techniques, thought by thought, in a visually appealing and insights driven story. We bring in our learnings from more than 100 client pitch deck reviews, more than 200 investor screenings and more than US $ 100 Million worth of funds raised successfully to your story. We will be honored to have your startup connected with your right audience, investors, in our unique storytelling way.